Fiction/fantasy young writer and artist

Ms Leers’ Tale

“It was a rainy day in the middle of spring,” Ms Leers began, “and Beatrice and I were restless. We were sitting on our porch, and we decide to take our bikes down to the old gutter by the hill.

“We left without telling our parents, and took our bikes down to the bottom of the hill. When we got to the gutter, I dared Beatrice to jump over it. She refused. So I urged her, and finally she did it. She made the jump safe and sound, and I, encouraged by her success, followed. I landed on my feet, but my boots slipped on the rainy sidewalk, and I fell.

“Beatrice dove after me, and my weight pulled us in. The water tugged at my feet, and we swirled around for a minute. Then I blacked out.

“When I came to, I found myself underwater wearing nothing but a blue slip. I swam upward and surfaced next to Beatrice. We were in a small pond, in the shade of a huge castle.”

Ms Leers paused, and Meg, wiggling with impatience, said, “And?”

“We crawled out of the pond and found ourselves perfectly dry. And then, from the castle gateway, we heard a voice: ‘Beatrice!’ it said, ‘Josephine!’ We have awaited you. And they took us in.

“We learned of their story over dinner, that their greatest talismans had been stolen, a sword, a rose, a vial of potion, and a bag of stones. They gave us a quest to retrieve them. But our quest went sour almost immediately.

“The first day was easy, we walked a couple miles, then slept under the stars. But during the night, we were kidnapped by raiders. They took us to a large fortress, and threw us in a dungeon. They took Beatrice away from me.

“But then, in the corner of my cell, I saw a puddle, and it grew, and through it I saw my town, here. I abandoned her, Meg.”

Meg gasped, “What?”

“I left her there, and I came back here. There was a funeral, but I did not attend. I lived the rest of my life alone.”

Authors note:

Ok, so this one’s a little short, but I intend to make some edits to the story of Ms Leers and Beatrice. And I’m sorry I haven’t posted for a bit (read: a long time) but I’ve been busy. I’m a seventh grader. Give me a break. Feedback is appreciated!


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