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Intro to Book 1

In our rapidly changing world, there are few areas left that can still mesh with ‘other’ places, like our whole Earth was able to do long ago. These areas are small towns, none with a population over 110 and all barely heard of. Even in these places, few people are actually able to travel, and an even smaller amount actually know how. Each town is strangely connected to a different world, with one place in the town where the travel is possible. In each town, about every 10 generations, children are born with the ability to cross, and a greater likelihood to find their way. In Kairna, Maine, where technology is little and news is slow to reach, where the children travel about on bicycles and go to a small school, a town with a populations of 102, there is a street gutter. This gutter is large, too large, and strange. Every night after a rainstorm, it fills with water that swirls into whirling whirlpools. The gutter had been there a long time, but the eldest person in town told people that it had appeared when she was small. Out of the blue. Children would disappear in it and never be seen again. Few believed her. But one child did…


This is the intro to the book I will be creating and posting on here. I really would appreciate some helpful feedback so I can share this with the world.


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